Buying from Jordan’s Furniture: What to Know Before You Shop (issues you may encounter)

issues you may encounter when buying Jordan Furniture

by Ceejay

Jordan’s Furniture is one of the largest furniture retailers in New England. With catchy jingles and over-the-top TV commercials featuring their enthusiastic president pitching deals, Jordan’s draws in shoppers looking for quality furniture at reasonable prices.

However, while many customers have great experiences buying all kinds of home furnishings from Jordan’s, from mattresses to dining tables to living room sets, others run into issues that leave them dissatisfied. This in-depth guide covers key information buyers should know to shop smartly, get the most for their money, and avoid potential pitfalls when purchasing furniture and mattresses from Jordan’s.



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An Overview of Jordan’s Furniture

Jordan’s Furniture was founded in 1918 and has grown from a small Boston-area shop to a regional powerhouse. They now have 5 store locations throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire as well as a clearance outlet.

What sets Jordan’s apart from other furniture chains is they market themselves as an entertaining “shoppertainment” destination, rather than just another furniture store. Their large stores feature attractions like IMAX theaters, ice cream shops, and even indoor ropes courses to make browsing for a new couch or bed feel like a day of family fun.

Product-wise, Jordan’s carries furnishings at a range of price points and styles, from budget-friendly basics to high-end luxury pieces. They sell living room furniture like sectionals, dining sets, bedroom sets, mattresses, home office furnishings, outdoor furniture, and more from brands such as La-Z-Boy, Tempur-Pedic, Ashley Furniture, and their own Jordan’s Furniture brand.

Jordan’s is also known for running frequent sales promotions and providing financing options including no-interest plans to help shoppers afford pricier purchases. Their tagline sums up their reputation well – “not just a store, an experience!”

Why Do Some Customers Encounter Issues with Jordan’s?

The majority of Jordan’s customers report having an enjoyable shopping experience and end up happy with the furniture they purchase. However, while problems are not extremely widespread, some shoppers do run into difficulties when buying from Jordan’s:

  • Poor customer service interactions
  • Pushy or dishonest sales tactics
  • Low-quality merchandise
  • Delayed or damaged delivery
  • Problems getting satisfactory repairs or replacements under warranty

Understanding the most common pitfalls cited by dissatisfied buyers can help shoppers make informed decisions and potentially avoid issues if they ultimately decide to purchase furniture from Jordan’s.

Common Jordan’s Furniture Problems Reported by Shoppers

While Jordan’s furniture is reasonably priced and they run regular sales, the buying experience itself causes frustrations for some customers. Here are the primary complaints made by dissatisfied Jordan’s buyers:

1. High-Pressure Sales Tactics

As with most furniture chains, Jordan’s sales associates work on commission and some use overly-pushy tactics to close a deal. Shoppers report being constantly badgered and feeling pressured to buy more expensive items they don’t want. Employees may try persuading customers to purchase unnecessary add-ons too like fabric protection plans. These high-pressure tactics can quickly sour the Jordan’s shopping experience.

2. Misinformation and Dishonesty from Sales Staff

Some shoppers accuse Jordan’s sales associates of misleading them or outright lying to make a sale. This includes giving inaccurate information about furniture materials, properties of certain fabrics, or warranties that turned out false. Shoppers need to watch out for sales staff misstating details like whether a fabric is real leather versus bonded leather for example. Getting the facts straight is crucial to shoppers selecting properly.

3. Poor Quality Merchandise

While satisfaction with product quality varies, some Jordan’s buyers report disappointments with the durability and construction of certain furniture items. Complaints include furniture breaking shortly after purchase, fabrics stretching or pilling quickly, as well as problems like sagging mattresses. There are also a fair number of complaints around defective items being sold upfront that should have never left Jordan’s warehouses.

4. Difficulties Getting Warranty Support

When shoppers do experience defects or damage down the road, many buyers report issues getting support from Jordan’s customer service under included warranties. Response times can be slow for technicians to assess issues and problems often get denied as being considered normal wear and tear. The system often puts the burden back on the buyer to fight to get manufacturing flaws addressed properly.

5. Delivery and Shipping Problems

Another pain point cited frequently surrounds Jordan’s furniture delivery process. The most common complaints involve damaged items showing up post-shipment, enormously delayed delivery windows where buyers wait months beyond original timelines, and poor communication from Jordan’s teams. Navigating replacements and refunds once delivery issues occur also tends to be a headache according to reviews.

6. Restocking/Return Headaches

If a customer ultimately decides they want to return a Jordan’s furniture purchase altogether, unclear return policies paired with restocking fees that eat significantly into refunds causes frustrations around getting money back. Time limits to complete returns also tend to be strict and the chain of custody on who is actually responsible for issuing refunds remains confusing for many buyers based on reviews.

Clearly while many Jordan’s buyers enjoy their experiences overall, the above pitfalls trip up a fair number of shoppers. Being aware of what could potentially go wrong allows shoppers to take steps to protect themselves.

How to Avoid Issues When Buying Jordan’s Furniture

Here are pro tips for consumers on shopping smartly at Jordan’s and sidestepping some of the most common buyer complaints:

  • Take sales advice cautiously – Don’t let pushy sales associates pressure you into purchases you don’t want or need. Verify any claims about fabrics, warranties etc. Do your own research beforehand on big buys.
  • Examine merchandise closely – Carefully inspect furniture on the showroom floor for damage prior to purchase. Don’t assume it’s perfect out of the box or you may end up owning a defective product.
  • Clarify timelines – Get guaranteed delivery dates in writing and actual average lead times from sales staff. Don’t assume you’ll receive items when promised verbally. Plan for delays.
  • Understand return policies – Ensure you get specifics on return time limits, restocking fees, refund processing times and more prior to buying. Don’t assume you can easily send furnishings back.
  • Inspect deliveries immediately – When items arrive, thoroughly check for damage before accepting shipment. Photograph any issues immediately to document problems for claims.
  • Keep paperwork organized – Maintain detailed records of all transactions, warranties purchased, and service/communication logs if problems requiring warranty repairs arise down the road.

Essentially buyers need to protect themselves by verifying details instead of taking sales claims at face value, thoroughly vetting products before accepting ownership, planning for hiccups in timelines, and being prepared for the claims process. While most Jordan’s purchases likely go smoothly, furnishing an entire home is a major investment so buyers need to cover their bases.

Jordan’s Furniture Return and Warranty Policies: What Buyers Should Know

Understanding the fine print around Jordan’s policies for returns, cancellations, repairs, and replacements under included manufacturer warranties is imperative for buyers prior to making major furniture purchases. Doing so ensures no unwelcome surprises pop up down the road in cases where issues with merchandise do arise.

Here are quick facts shoppers must have clarity around:

Jordan’s Furniture Return Policy

  • Most non-mattress items can be returned within 7 days of delivery. Customers receive full refunds minus any delivery fees paid.
  • Special order merchandise and mattresses generally cannot be returned or refunded, especially once delivery is taken.
  • Steep restocking fees from 25-100% may apply for any returns or order cancellations for special order items.

Jordan’s Furniture Warranty Policy

  • Most Jordan’s furniture includes a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials.
  • Upholstery fabrics only carry very limited 6-month defect warranties in most cases however.
  • Customers must pay all labor and transportation costs associated with warranty repairs or replacements. This includes technician diagnostic visits to determine if issues meet warranty criteria.
  • Warranties only cover manufacturing flaws. Any wear, stains, or damage considered beyond “normal use” is excluded. Burden of proof lays with the customer.

Pro Tip: Always purchase additional third-party extended warranties when buying more expensive Jordan’s furniture items. Manufacturer defect warranties provide limited protections compared to protection plans that cover a broader range of damage types for 3-5 years. Yes you pay more upfront, but you’ll have much better support coverage long-term if issues eventually do pop up.

Questions To Ask Jordan’s Furniture Sales Associates

To gain the knowledge needed to make fully-informed furniture buying decisions and avoid unwelcome surprises when buying big ticket home furnishings from Jordan’s Furniture, smart shoppers should have sales staff clarify the following BEFORE finalizing any purchases:

Furniture Materials Questions

  • Is this wood furniture made of solid wood, veneers, MDF, or particle board?
  • What type of wood is used for this piece specifically?
  • Is this upholstery fabric treated to be stain resistant?
  • Is this leather real Italian leather or bonded leather?
  • What is the cleaning code for this fabric?

Quality & Durability Related Questions

  • What is the average lifespan expected for this __ piece of furniture?
  • Are the drawer glides that allow drawers to open smoothly soft-close?
  • Will thinner fabrics like these cushions stretch out or pill over time?
  • Is this furniture set sturdy enough for active kids and pets?
  • Where are the stress points on this design?

Warranty & Returns Related Questions

  • Exactly what parts of my new furniture are covered under the included manufacturer warranty & for how long?
  • If there are defect issues not resolvable through repair, do I have replacement options?
  • How do I go about starting a warranty claim if needed?
  • For custom furniture, what is your defect warranty coverage time period?
  • What are acceptable vs. non-acceptable reasons for furniture returns?
  • Do you charge restocking fees for returns? What is the process?

Delivery Related Questions

  • What are standard delivery timelines from purchase date to delivery date?
  • Are there certain items with unusually long lead times I should expect?
  • What does your communication process look like regarding order and delivery status updates?
  • Who handles final mile delivery – Jordan’s or third-party partners?
  • Should I reasonably expect my items to arrive damaged? What recourse do I have if so?

Having sales staff provide clear, direct answers to questions like these equips shoppers to avoid many of the frustrations faced by some Jordan’s customers related to misleading details on what they are buying.

Armed with fuller transparency around policies, processes, and production standards at the outset, shoppers also position themselves better if quality issues or more serious problems do creep up down the road requiring warranty repairs.

Tips for Addressing Jordan’s Furniture Problems If Issues Arise

While everyone hopes for smooth sailing through any furniture buying journey, hiccups happen. Here is advice on best practices for addressing problems effectively if you encounter troubles with your Jordan’s Furniture purchase:

Step 1: Document Everything

  • Keep dated records of all interactions/commitments by Jordan’s staff in a designated case file. This includes taking photos of damage issues, saving emails, taking notes over calls, and logging names of associates.
  • Create a living timeline that captures when purchases were made, expected delivery dates communicated, actual delivery dates, when defects appeared, dates warranty claims were opened, and more.

Step 2: Talk To Higher Level Management

  • When issues pop up, don’t stop at entry level customer service – immediately escalate to higher level managers. Higher ups have more discretion to resolve issues fairly.
  • Share documentation binder to prove timeline of case and where expectations/commitments failed customers.
  • Get commitments to resolutions in writing from managers specifying delivery dates and status updates.

Step 3: Reach Out To Corporate

  • For serious enough issues not resolvable at the store management level, reach out to Jordan’s Parent Company – Artisan Home Furnishings.
  • Email the Artisan’s Chief Operating Officer and Jordan’s President directly with high level overviews of case issues where local staff failed assisting properly.
  • Provide clear expectations around how you expect executive leadership to become involved resolving outstanding problems.

Step 4: Report Issues To External Consumer Advocacy Groups 

  • For problems causing major inconveniences around damaged, delayed, or poor quality merchandise, report Jordan’s to external consumer watchdog groups like the Better Business Bureau or your State Attorney General’s Office.
  • Outline details showing where Jordan’s failed reasonably supporting consumers and potentially violated statutes around consumer protections, warranty commitments, etc.

Threatening further public reports and potential legal complaints gives added leverage encouraging Jordan’s corporate leadership to allocate resources investigating issues and making situations right for mistreated consumers.

The reality is quality issues and order management problems happen across all major furniture chains. As a Jordan’s shopper you face better chances securing assistance properly when armed prepared with meticulous documentation, leveraged vendor contacts, willingness to publicly share grievances, and strength advocating as an empowered consumer.

Bottom Line: Is Jordan’s Furniture Worth the Risk?

Given its huge regional presence plus catchy marketing tactics, Jordan’s Furniture likely tops many shoppers’ lists when needing to furnish their home locally in New England.

For buyers primarily wanting well-made furnishings, broad selections with plenty of customizable options, and affordable to mid-tier pricing, Jordan’s absolutely remains a leading destination for outfitting living rooms, bedrooms and common areas.

However, consumers also now understand many of the potential frustrations cited by certain Jordan’s customers around delivery delays, questionable sales practices, difficulties securing customer service, and more product quality issues compared to brands positioning themselves as luxury retailers.

Going in eyes wide open around the most likely pitfalls gives shoppers better data calculating if the more budget-friendly price points at Jordan’s justify assuming additional risks buying merchandise.

When adding up the total potential hidden costs around restocking fees if returns become necessary, sunk costs into additional protection plans to supplement limited warranties, and potential outlays paying out of pocket repairs down the road, sometimes less expensive furniture fails actually saving consumers money long run.

However, partnering the guidance this article provides for shopping smartly and maximizing post-purchase protections with the budget-aligning sale prices Jordan’s offers, we firmly believe most buyers can shop confidently, furnish beautifully, and secure resources properly to safeguard themselves against many of the covered risks other Jordan’s consumers grappled handling alone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping at Jordan’s Furniture

What are typical delivery time frames for in-stock Jordan’s Furniture purchases? 

  • For in-stock items readily available on their retail showroom floors, standard Jordan’s Furniture delivery times usually range between 2-7 business days from the date of order. Of course exclusions apply if special fabrication and customization is required.

Does Jordan’s Furniture offer white glove delivery services? 

  • No – Jordan’s does not currently offer white glove delivery services where delivery teams actually unwrap, assemble, and place furniture in desired locations within buyers’ homes. Their delivery staffers do haul items into dwelling entryways but expect buyers themselves to handle any unpacking and furniture placement.

Can I return a custom Jordan’s Furniture order? 

  • Special order merchandise that is custom fabricated generally cannot be returned or cancelled once orders enter production phases. Any cancellations on custom furniture pre-production frequently involves steep cancellation/restocking fees consumers must pay out of pocket.

What forms of payment does Jordan’s Furniture accept?

  • Payment method options when buying furnishings from Jordan’s include all major credit cards, debit cards, Jordan’s credit financing, and standard personal checks. One exception – Jordan’s does NOT accept temporary checks as payment.

Where can I view the full details around Jordan’s Furniture warranty programs?

  • To access Jordan’s Furniture’s full warranty guides outlining what defect coverage buyers receive, exact warranty time limits per product categories, exclusions, claim submission processes, and more – visit their “Warranty Terms” page online.

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