Learn about Osate, a Japanese storage philosophy that aims to harmonize environmental energy

About Osate japanese storage philosophy

by Ceejay

Have you ever encountered the awe inspiring philosophy known as Osate? If its teachings have yet to enrapture your senses be prepared to embark on a journey of revelation and awakening. Originating in Japan this profound ideology has captivated the hearts and minds of countless individuals across the globe—thereby holding within it the transformative potential to revolutionize not just your living space but also every facet of your existence. What exactly characterizes Osate one may inquire?



What is Osate?

Osate is a japanese storage and home organization philosophy based on the principle of Feng Shui. Far surpassing superficial concepts of mere organization or storage. Osate draws upon age old principles rooted in Feng Shui—an ancient Chinese philosophy devoted to achieving environmental harmony. However. Osate enlivens these principles by integrating elements from psychology and personal development.

How does Osate work?

Curious to unravel the mystery behind how Osate operates? Journey alongside us through its three defining stages: observation, selection, and action.


Observation—an indispensable step demanding our utmost attention and introspection. It entails probing beneath surface level appearances and cultivating a deep perceptual understanding of our surroundings. To truly fathom what plagues our environment with unease or distress invites an honest confrontation within ourselves.


Selection can be difficult. It’s about deciding what is valuable to you and what isn’t. It is not only a question of materialism, but also of feelings and emotions. Sometimes we keep things that don’t bring us anything positive, just because we’re afraid to let them go.


Action is the moment of truth. This is the time when you make the changes you have decided on. This is the time when you make room for the new and say goodbye to the old. This is the time when you take control of your environment and, by extension, your life.

The Osate and the garden

Yet Osates reach extends far beyond the confines of interior spaces—it thrives when transposed onto gardens as well! Picture a resplendent garden wherein every plant assumes its rightful place, devoid of redundancy or incongruity—a sublime tapestry where harmonious existence reigns supreme. Osate can assist you in achieving the following. Firstly. Take a moment to carefully observe your garden.


Are there any aspects that bother you? Perhaps its the disorderliness or misplaced plants, or maybe its the presence of weeds. It is essential to truly look and feel your garden in order to identify these concerns.


Make selections regarding what you would like to retain in your garden. Consider which plants bring you joy and which ones do not. Determine what is necessary and what is not. It is crucial to be completely honest with yourself during this process.


Once you have made your selections. It is time to take action. Remove any elements that are unnecessary and plant those that bring you joy. Rearrange your garden so that it harmonizes with both yourself and nature.

Our opinion on Osate

Now let us share our viewpoint on Osate. We believe Osate offers an outstanding approach not only for organizing your home but also for improving your life as a whole.

It enables you to take charge of your surroundings and establish a space that brings you joy and tranquility. Additionally it aids in eliminating clutter and focusing on what truly matters. However we acknowledge that Osate may not be suitable for everyone. Implementing Osate requires dedication, effort, and introspection — if you are unprepared to commit. You may find it challenging to adopt this system.

Ultimately. Osate extends beyond being merely a storage method; rather. It serves as a philosophy for life. Allowing individuals to cultivate an environment filled with happiness and serenity whether indoors or out in the garden.

By embracing Osate principles. One can gain control over their surroundings and live a more contented and balanced existence. So the question remains: Are you willing to give Osate a try?

From our perspective we genuinely believe it is worthwhile — after all who wouldn’t desire a more organized home or harmonious garden that brings joy into their life?

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