How to Apply for Ohio Dominican University International Student Housing Grant

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To apply for the Ohio Dominican University International Student Housing Grant, you should complete the university’s standard admissions process. With no separate application required, the $2,000 yearly housing discount will be automatically included in your financial aid package if you are admitted. By pursuing this opportunity, you will not only save money on housing but also have the chance to combine it with other merit-based scholarships. As you navigate the admission process, are you prepared to submit the necessary documents and prepare yourself for the academic and cultural opportunities waiting for you at ODU?



Eligibility and Application Process

To be eligible for Ohio Dominican University’s International Student Housing Grant, you must be an international undergraduate student living on campus, with the grant providing a yearly reduction of $2,000 in your on-campus housing costs. This grant is part of ODU’s efforts to support international students in their academic journey, ensuring access to affordable housing options.

The application process for ODU’s International Student Housing Grant is integrated into the overall undergraduate admissions process. When you apply to ODU as an international undergraduate student, you’ll automatically be considered for this grant. You don’t need to submit any additional application materials specifically for the grant.

Once you’re admitted to the university, the grant will be included in your financial aid package if you meet the eligibility criteria, ensuring that you can take advantage of this valuable financial support. With this grant, you can focus on your academic pursuits without worrying about the cost of housing at ODU.

Benefits for International Students

Your housing expenses at Ohio Dominican University can be significantly reduced through the International Student Housing Grant, which provides a $2,000 annual reduction in on-campus housing costs. This grant helps international students like you more affordably live on campus and engage fully in university life.

Another important benefit is Ohio Dominican’s Global Connections Grant, which provides free on-campus housing for your first year of undergraduate studies. During the admissions review process, you’re automatically considered for this grant. Additionally, you can combine any merit scholarships you earn with the grant. This helps you manage your initial housing expenses and focus on starting your academic journey smoothly.

These housing grants and benefits demonstrate Ohio Dominican’s commitment to supporting international students throughout their studies. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can better manage your expenses and enjoy a more fulfilling experience at ODU.

Application Deadlines and Fees

When applying for the International Student Housing Grant at Ohio Dominican University, you should be aware that there are no specific deadlines or fees for this grant. This grant provides a $2,000/year reduction in the price of on-campus housing for international undergraduate students, making it an attractive option for those looking to reduce their expenses.

To be eligible for the grant, you must be an international undergraduate student living on-campus at Ohio Dominican University. The grant is renewable for each year of undergraduate studies. No specific application deadlines are outlined for the grant, making it accessible throughout the academic year.

To apply, ensure you’re an eligible international undergraduate student and submit your materials according to the university’s standard admission process. No additional fee is required beyond the standard application fees. Once you’re admitted to the university, the housing grant is automatically applied to your housing costs, providing you with a significant reduction in your expenses.

Admissions Requirements

As you prepare your application to Ohio Dominican University, make sure you meet the basic admission requirements to be considered for the International Student Housing Grant. For admission to ODU’s undergraduate program, you need to provide specific documentation. Start by submitting your online or paper application and ensuring that all necessary materials are delivered by the deadlines: June 1 for the Fall Semester and November 1 for the Spring Semester.

Additionally, you must provide original copies of your secondary school transcripts and any previously taken university courses. International students must also submit the results of standardized examinations, such as TOEFL, IELTS, or SAT.

The English proficiency tests are optional for U.S. residents but required for international students whose primary language of instruction isn’t English.

Supporting Documents Needed

To secure the International Student Housing Grant at Ohio Dominican University, you must compile specific supporting documents that showcase your academic achievements and language proficiency.

Academic Records

  • Secondary School Transcripts: Provide official transcripts from your high school, which must be sent directly from your school to ODU.

Language Proficiency

  • English Language Tests: Ensure you meet English proficiency requirements. Acceptable tests include TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, or SAT ER&W.

Additional Required Documents

  • ELS Level 109 Completion: For those who’ve completed ELS level 109.
  • University Transcripts: Submit official transcripts if you have previously taken university courses, along with syllabi and course descriptions in English.

English Language Requirements

If you’re an international student, verifying your English language proficiency to meet the requirements for the International Student Housing Grant at Ohio Dominican University involves passing an English language exam or having attended an English language intensive program like ELS.

You will need to prove your English proficiency by submitting official test scores or documentation from an accepted English language program. Ohio Dominican University accepts several standardized exams, including TOEFL, IELTS, and Duolingo English Test. The minimum required scores for these exams are TOEFL 70, IELTS 6.0, and Duolingo 100.

If you have completed an intensive English language program like ELS, you must have successfully finished Level 109 to meet the requirement.

Ensure you include the official results of your chosen English proficiency exam or program in your application package. This will help you successfully meet the language requirements for the International Student Housing Grant and ensure a smoother application process at Ohio Dominican University.

Fee and Payment Structures

You’ll need to carefully review Ohio Dominican University’s tuition and fee structures to ensure you meet the financial requirements for the International Student Housing Grant. Understanding these structures is crucial for planning your financial needs.

The university’s undergraduate tuition and fees for the 2022-23 academic year are $33,350. All payments for tuition and fees are handled through the Business Office, which provides various methods to pay your bills.

You can pay online with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express) or through electronic checks. If you use a credit card, a 2.75% service fee will be added, but this fee can be avoided by using electronic checks.

For students who need assistance, payment plans are available, and you can also store payment methods to make quick and easy payments through the online bill pay system. Make sure to review the billing procedures and payment options to ensure a smooth transition to your studies at Ohio Dominican University.

Housing Arrangements and Options

Ohio Dominican University’s housing arrangements, encompassing five spacious residence halls, provide a variety of accommodation options for international students receiving the International Student Housing Grant. These residence halls are designed to foster community living, offering a mix of suite, single, and double rooms that cater to different preferences and needs.

Each suite includes two double bedrooms, a common room, and a bathroom. They’re equipped with essential furnishings such as beds, desks, dressers, and wardrobes. If you’re considering living on campus, the residence halls provide easy access to classes, campus programs, and support services. You’ll never be more than a five-minute walk from classes.

To enhance your campus experience, the Office of Residence Life offers various programs and services. These include housing lottery, roommate matching, and support systems to ensure a smooth transition to ODU’s campus.

Additional Scholarships and Aid

The International Student Housing Grant at ODU can be complemented by various additional scholarships and financial aid options to make your education more affordable.

One such opportunity is the International Academic Achievement Scholarship, offering up to $15,000 per year for students with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Another option is the ODU Work Study Award, providing up to $2,000 per year for international students who work on campus. Additionally, you might be eligible for the Vietnamese Academic Excellence Award or the International Baccalaureate Achievement Award, both providing up to $2,000 per year.

For specific accommodations, you can apply for the International Student Grant, which offers up to $2,000 annually for on-campus housing.

Certain international students graduating from Catholic high schools or transitioning from ELS Centers can also access special grants and awards.

These scholarships and grants can significantly reduce your financial burden, ensuring that your studies at Ohio Dominican University are more accessible and manageable.


You’ve made it through the application process for the Ohio Dominican University International Student Housing Grant. Today, you can relax knowing that you have combined the grant with merit scholarships to significantly reduce your housing costs.

As you begin your undergraduate studies, focus on making the most of your time at ODU, taking advantage of their support for international students.

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